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Off to Meeker

I’m heading to Meeker tomorrow, working with David Bailey, Curator of History at the Museums of Western Colorado, conducting a tour of some of the sites important in the events of 1879.

Those events have traditionally been referred to as “The Milk Creek Battle” and “The Meeker Massacre,” although the latter term is not very accurate. I have avoided using it as much as possible.


We’ll be following the events detailed in my previous book, “Troubled Trails: The Meeker Affair and the Expulsion of Utes from Colorado.” Additionally, my friends Joy and Jonas Grant, Ute Indians from Fort Duchesne, Utah, will be joining us for part of the trip. Jonas is directly descended from some of the Ute leaders involved in the 1879 events.

As I understand it, there are expected to be 17 people joining us on the trip. We’ll visit a half-dozen sites over the two days, and spend the night in the Meeker Hotel. It should be a lot of fun.

Oh, and I might try to sell a few copies of my new book while I have a captive audience.