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The Last Indian Uprising

It still amazes me that this event occurred so close to us in southeastern Utah, a barely over a century ago.

A dispute over a campfire card game, the murder of one of the participants and the search for the accused murderer near Bluff, Utah, sparked one of the last armed Indian conflicts in the United States 101 years ago this month.

It would lead eventually to what became known as Posey’s war, in 1923. But first, it involved posses from Colorado and Utah, a hard-headed lawman from Utah and an aging Army general who was trusted by the Utes and Piutes.


Indians captured during the 1915 fight. That’s  Tse-ne-gat on the left.

Gen. Scott

General Hugh Scott, who arranged the peaceful surrender of the Indians.


bob silbernagel

bob silbernagel

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