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Finally, a plan for Dominguez-Escalante

Earlier this month, the Bureau of Land Management gave final approval to the management plan for the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area Management Plan. It’s a d

ocument that’s been in the works since the NCA was established by Congress in 2009. A citizens advisory group and many representatives of different user groups worked for years with the BLM to develop the plan. So, thanks to everyone involved.

This is a photo of my buddy, Alan, and me on our horses in Dominguez Canyon. The photo was used on the cover of a BLM brochure a few years ago.

And here’s a link to the Colorado Canyons Association website, which works with BLM on Dominguez-Escalante and two other NCAs in western Colorado. I’m a member of the CCA board.


bob silbernagel

bob silbernagel

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